Concept Pack

Bring Your Idea to Life

Get a set of visual concepts to your exact brief


  • Fixed Price. No extras.
  • Signed off design brief
  • At least 3 visualised design concepts with explanation.
  • Design Rights and IP included.
  • Documented Design Review
  • Quick Delivery

Other Services

At our core we are creative product developers but it takes more than that to create and bring a stella product to market.

Start Ups

Financially friendly solutions

You don't have to be a big business to get your innovation problems solved. We've been there and know the challenges and have found the ways round them. We can share those with you and help you get going.

Product Development

Make that idea a reality

This is the engine room where the hard work happens to make the ideas come alive in a way that can be made and sold at a good profit. 

We can supply as much or as little of this process as you wish and work with your existing teams in a seamless fashion.

Innovation Consultancy

Get your teams delivering

With plenty of experience on the client side in both large and small businesses we understand what a team needs to feel that anything is possible and have the courage and appetite to 'boldly go'.

We can help across all facets of the business to make sure that the teams are working effectively together to get great results.


Rate Sheet

We're not going to charge you rates according to how big and shiny your offices are and in the spirit of 'no nonsense' we'll be upfront about how we charge so here are the rates.

Start Ups         £0-600/day       £0-450 /half day

Depending on your situation and how interesting your idea is! We like to have some skin in the game so happy to discuss value based pricing if appropriate.

Product development        £220-£600 / day     £165-450 / half day       £50 - £140 / hour

Depending on skill level and type of work needed.

Innovation Consultancy     £600 / day     £450 / half day   £140 / hour

Project based pricing also available so you know what you will be paying up front.


Telephone: +44 (0)1949 833112

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