Alan Somerfield

Industrial Designer, Mechanical Engineer and Innovator.

I first started consulting 30 years ago selling the benefit of my hybrid training that had bridged the gap between the nuts and bolts of 'mech eng' to the style and ergonomics of industrial design at the Royal College of Art. No more fancy looking products that couldn't be made and equally no more ugly ducklings that never made it to be swans.

15 years later I changed to the client side and worked in a series of manufacturing businesses ranging from showers to cookers and construction to automotive. Being in a business full time really shows you stuff that a consultant can never fully understand.

15 years later I'm back as a consultant so as well as having both sides of the art/engineering coin I now have both sides of the consultancy/client coin. This is why I'm for a 'no nonsense' approach having seen plenty of consultants from the client's perspective.

For me innovation is change that improves the quality of peoples lives. My bit of that is physical products that work commercially i.e. the customer is willing to pay good money for that life improving change.

Outside work I live in a small village near Nottingham, ride my bike to the office and race sailboats at the weekend.

But that's enough about me. Let me know what I can do for you.


Telephone: +44 (0)1949 833112

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