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What we do

We design new products that customers will want to buy.

Our experience shows that a no nonsense approach to product design is best. The best version of this is our unique Design Starter Pack.

By 'no nonsense solutions' we mean

  • No fancy decks full of convoluted messages and obscure analysis
  • Actionable steps. No fluff.
  • No time telling by your own watch
  • No standard stuff that we've already wheeled out to others.
  • Clarity on what we can and can't deliver.

What we're about is getting things working and getting stuff done. 


Balancing Innovation, Engineering and Design

Our DNA is in understanding what the customer wants, connecting that up with the strengths of the business and designing a winning product all the way from creative spark to launch.

Right down at the centre of our onion we invent stuff on demand. It's more logic than magic and just a matter of applying the right tools with a whole bunch of intuition and experience. Set us a really difficult problem and we'll invent a solution - simple. With more than 30 published patents behind us we're big fans of an inventive step that improves the quality of peoples lives - that's what innovation means to us. For you it means new products with a defendable edge in the market.

Strategy, VOC, Concepts, CAD, Prototypes, Testing, Manufacturing Plans, Pilot Supervision. Everything or just one vital step - it's up to you.

"I've often said that however many moving parts you've got we'll do a better job with at least one less. This means better products at lower cost. Win Win." 



Some Eureka Moments

We've worked in many markets over the years so if you don't see yours here then please get in touch.

Some of our Clients

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